Top 4 Issues:

1. Secure Our Groundwater 

Our aquifers are irreplaceable.  Rule of capture has to go.


2. Enforce Our Constitutions 

Our U.S. and Texas Constitutions are designed to secure our unalienable rights.  But no law - including our supreme law - is any good if not enforced.

A big part of enforcing our Constitutions includes:

  Corralling Executive Overreach 

Executive Orders are not laws and should not be obeyed.  No branch of government can rightfully violate the rights of Texans.


3. Protect the Texas Electrical Grid 

Our grid remains vulnerable to many hazards. I will continue working to harden it.



 4. Implement RPT Priorities

In the war for control over the Texas legislature between the cronies and the grassroots, I will side with the grassroots and their priorities as expressed in the Republican Party of Texas Legislative Priorities.

Unimplemented or incomplete priorities for which I have a passion include:

  Remember the Alamo

We need to respectfully remember the Alamo and our other historical heritage - not reimagine it.


  Election Integrity 

Who counts the votes and how they do it is fundamental to insuring that We the People of Texas control our servants in government.


  Protect Our Kids 

The life-destroying lie that people can change their God-given gender must be obliterated in every aspect of Texas law and medical practice.


  Eliminate Property Tax 

Sam Adams said, "What liberty can there be when property can be taken away without consent?"


  End Tax-funded lobbying 

Thomas Jefferson said, "To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical."


  Protect Life 

It needs protecting from the beginning and at the end.


Other Important Issues


  Protecting Texans from the Border Invasion 

The counties on and behind the front line need financial, legal, manpower, and moral support as they enforce existing Texas law against the invasion.


  No Eminent Domain for Private Entities 

Eminent domain for public use is constitutional but abused. Private corporations should not get the benefit of eminent domain.


  Firearms Freedom 

The right to self defense is natural, protected by Article I, Section 23 of the Texas Constitution and the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


  Texas Should Fight Local Corruption - Not the Feds


Tom Glass has worked on lots of legislation over the past decade.  Click here for more details.