Tom Glass Says HD 17 Incumbent is the Nikki Haley in the Race


The incumbent I am challenging in Texas House District 17 has received half his funding from lobbyists and PACs and less than 15% from the district, according to the last three Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) special session reports on file.

"In the most recent report, the incumbent's largest donor ($2,500) was a Koch Industries PAC. Voters in the district should know that a Koch Industries PAC is supporting and endorsing Nikki Haley in her bid to defeat President Trump for the Republican presidential nomination," Tom Glass said.

"I am the grassroots constitutional conservative in the race, running against a swamp-installed, Paxton-impeaching puppet." Tom Glass said. "The TEC reports are strong evidence of what differentiates us."

"Although I welcome contributions from PACs that support conservative principles, so far in this campaign, I have received neither lobbyist nor PAC contributions. In the same three TEC reports, I received over 30% funding from the district, with the rest coming from the conservative grassroots friends I have developed in the last decade of volunteer work at the Texas Capitol," Glass said.

In the three special session TEC reports, Tom Glass had 128 donors versus 86 for the incumbent. The in-district donors were 37 for Glass and 16 for the incumbent.

The district needs a representative to Austin, NOT a representative from the Austin swamp to the district," Glass said.

"To defeat the war on Texas and everything we hold dear by DC and globalists, we must drain the Austin Swamp," Glass said. "This is not business as usual time in Texas or the US!"

Tom Glass narrowly missed making it into the GOP runoff in a 5-way, open seat in 2022. The HD 17 GOP primary race in 2024 will be a 2-way race between Tom Glass and the freshman incumbent. HD 17 consists of Bastrop, Burleson, Caldwell, Lee, and Milam Counties in Central Texas.