Gerdes Patron Rick Perry: "Being a RINO is sexy"

Can The Swamp Be Any More Obvious?

The Houston Chronicle reports that at a fund raiser for Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, Rick Perry joked that being a RINO is sexy.

(Photo by Kim Brent for the Houston Chronicle.)

Rick Perry and Dade Phelan are, of course, the handlers and patrons of Stan Gerdes. Phelan is the bagman for the swamp's control of the Texas House.

Phelan killed our most important border bills at the request of the Democrats and killed the bill by Senator Lois Kolkhorst to ban Communist Chinese from owning land in Texas.

This is why I say that the Texas House is the weak link in Texas' defense against an occupied DC that wants to take everything we hold dear.  And that to win against the DC swamp, we must smash the Austin swamp.

And it is also why I say, to save Texas, fire Phelan, fire Gerdes.  Vote Tom Glass.