Surviving and Thriving in 2024

Wishing you and yours a harmonious, prosperous, and happy new year.

The Chinese curse is, "May you live in interesting times." And, from that perspective I think a lot of us are thinking that 2024 is going to be VERY interesting.

The likelihood of dark events like war, economic collapse, terrorist attacks, another engineered "pandemic," as well as out and out lawless activity during, before, and after our general elections seems higher than at any time in our lifetime. For those inclined to worry, there is more to worry about than ever in our lifetimes.

But I enter 2024 prepared, determined, and calm. There are several reasons for this.

First, if you, as the Bible tells us, fear God, you have nothing else to fear. You know that it all works out OK in the end, no matter what will happen that we don't like in the short term. Second, the message of Mordecai to Esther has great meaning to me. In asking Esther to risk her life to save her people, one variant of Mordecai's message was, "Consider that you were born for such a time as this."

I believe 2024 will be an inflection point in Texas and American history. I cannot guarantee that those who stole the federal government in 2020 can be stopped from doing so again in 2024. They may try some of what worked before, but we know for sure that they have new tricks up their sleeves.

One of the main reasons I am running for Texas House is that I am firmly convinced that we must have a second line of defense against the powerful forces who want to take everything we in Texas hold dear.

One year from now, we may be facing a situation where the federal government is still in the hands of those who seek to enslave and destroy us. That means having a Texas government in 2025 that will protect us from the globalist and federal assaults will be more important than ever.

Because I know that war has been declared on us by our wannabe globalist and woke masters, I know that we must have a warrior mindset. This is NOT business or politics as usual time! We need our Texas government to understand that and to courageously act on that understanding. To be a warrior, you cannot be a worrier. Warriors have to accept that they are likely dead and calmly execute their mission. If you are prayed up, you can reach that mental state. If the Republicans of HD 17 pick me on March 5, I will go focused on the mission, not on re-election.

I consider myself politically dead. I have had a career - thank you very much! I don't need one in politics. I just need to make sure that we turn back the assault and that my grand daughter can grow up in a free country the way we did.

So my resolutions for 2024 are to: 1) make sure I am right with my maker. 2) make sure my family is prepared for a wide range of cataclysmic events. 3) calmly, resolutely, and courageously work to organize Texas to resist the storm that is very likely coming.

I hope you will too. And one year from now, I hope we will be celebrating together the incredible victories for liberty and Texas we have won.

Toward liberty, Tom Glass