Tom Glass is MAGA Choice in HD 17

I, Tom Glass, am the clear MAGA choice in Texas House District 17.

Anyone who is paying attention knows that the MAGA vote in the Texas House is for challengers to the Paxton-impeaching, swamp-controlled incumbents.

The Austin swamp is clearly funded by Trump-haters and the Texas House members they control, like the swamp puppet I challenge, Stan Gerdis, deceptively use that money to imply Trump support.  Here are the reasons why I am MAGA and my opponent is not:

  • Trump said that border champion Paxton impeachers like incumbent Gerdes are "establishment RINOs" and need to be fired.
  • Trump endorses against Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, the second largest donor to Gerdes. Gerdes and Phelan support Democrat chairs in the Texas House.
  • Trump-haters that donate to Nikki Haley are funding Gerdes.
  • The godfather of Gerdes' wife and main handler/promoter of him, Rick Perry, has endorsed on the opposite side of Trump in the Speaker Phelan race.
  • It is not enough to remove Phelan. To drain the Austin swamp and have a MAGA Texas House, Phelan lieutenants and followers must be fired, too.

I created this meme to address the issue after a group claiming to support Trump called the Trump Conservative Club of Texas published a list of endorsements including me.

Note that this is not an endorsement from Trump. He has endorsed so far in only one Texas House race -- against Speaker Dade Phelan.  But he should endorse me for all the reasons listed above and more.