The Swamp's Barrage of Mailers

I arrived at the Bastrop County Republican Party meeting last night only to be told by many there that they had been barraged with glossy mailers from Stan Gerdes and the swamp entities that are doing third party mailers for him.

Some, who had not picked up their mail for several days, had three mailers for Gerdes in their mailbox.  Since 18 of 21 Bastrop County GOP precinct chairs have endorsed me, the crowd was not amused. I have heard similar complaints from those I greet at the polls.

Given that, it is time to talk about the warning I gave on the second of the two glossy mailers that my grassroots campaign has been able to afford.  On one, I said:

"You may get LOTS of glossy mailers from incumbent Stan Gerdes because the swamp is spending big bucks to keep their puppet in power. Mailers like this cost $16,000 or more."

In the second half of 2023, the swamp had supplied 83% of the money with which he is bombarding us.  Less than 5% came from the district.  We have not had time to analyze the money since then, but those ratios surely have only gotten worse.

Throughout this campaign, I have been trying to provide proof that I am the grassroots, MAGA, constitutional conservative in this race, running against a swamp installed puppet.  See the meme below for some of those arguments.

If you want a champion to defend Texas against the multiple assaults (including the border) from an occupied DC, I am the most experienced, educated, and driven candidate in the race, not beholden to the swamp.

The question remains for you, the Republican voter:

Do you want a representative of you to Austin, or a representative of the Austin swamp to you?