Our nation is dying because the federal government goes beyond the bounds of the Constitution every day, and no one is stopping them. The federal government spies on our emails, phone calls, and bank accounts without warrant, gropes us at the airports without warrant, destroys our prosperity with unconstitutional regulatory agencies like the EPA and OSHA, tries to grab our land and guns, trying with the Green New Deal to destroy our economy, our air conditioning, our trucks, our air travel, etc., and trying to force Texas employers to violate their natural, unalienable right to decline vaccination.

The feds will never limit themselves. Suing allows the very tyrants we are fighting to decide our fate, and we get massacred.

To save our liberty, our Constitution, and our country, we must honor our oaths and enforce the Constitution. If a federal agent is engaging in an unconstitutional act, it likely also violates Texas law.

Each individual who has sworn an oath to defend, preserve, and protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, has an obligation to interpret the Constitution to the best of his or her ability. Constitutional interpretation, therefore, is not just a matter for courts and judges. Tellingly, the Constitution itself is silent on WHO DECIDES if a law is constitutional or not, as is proper inasmuch that it is every person’s duty to make this determination.

Each one of us who swears an oath to defend the Constitution has a duty to use our own independent judgment of what the Constitution means and to act to stop the Constitution from being violated.

The Constitution is not a self-executing document. Someone has to enforce it. All branches of the federal government have been failing to limit their own power for over a century. And state officeholders have abdicated their responsibility to exercise independent judgment and take action to stop the violations.

While every government official has the duty to protect the Constitution, the legislature of Texas is well positioned to resist unconstitutional federal acts. I have have crafted a bill called the Texas Sovereignty Act with my group, Texas Constitutional Enforcement (www.txce.org) that has been introduced in three  legislative sessions.  If I am elected, that would allow me to more effectively help Texas get its liberty back via enforcement.

Ultimately, enforcement of the Constitution by the state of Texas – also called nullification and interposition – is our only hope at restoring our liberty and Constitutional balance. The beauty of this approach is that it only needs Texas voters to work. We don’t have to rely on California or New York voters and we don't have to wait on 37 other states to get started saving our liberty as an Article V convention does.

Constitutional enforcement is the way we take our country back, one state at a time, starting with Texas.