The Arrogance of the Big Boys

The arrogant attempt of the big boys to purchase the Texas House is raging in Republican primaries all over the state. This is a report on my Central Texas area of operation.

Through the last reporting period, $700K had poured into supporting Stan Gerdes from out-of-district lobbyists, PACs, and politicians. I am getting word that even more is arriving.

This arrogant barrage from a few wealthy individuals who REALLY want to pick the "representative" from our district is turning the stomachs of a LOT of Republican voters.

I have raised $43K from the district from 168 HD 17 voters. Gerdes has only raised $26K from 49 in-district voters. You got that right. Gerdes gets only 3%, maybe less, from the voters in this district.

The big boys who want to run our lives want the voters to ignore that I am more experienced in business (including the oil business) and the Texas Legislature, more educated, more endorsed by trusted conservative groups, more independent, and more driven to save our posterity's future by securing our border and resisting occupied DC's war on Texas.

They want you to ignore that Gerdes:

* Works for a lobbying firm while pretending to represent us

* At the behest of his two biggest donors, impeached our border champion, Ken Paxton

* Is most influenced and installed and backed by Rick Perry, who recently said that it is "Sexy to be RINO."

* Was funded this cycle by the same billionaires that backed Nikki Haley against Trump

* Supports and is supported by disgraced Speaker Dade Phelan, both of whom support Democrat chairs in the Texas House. Phelan is opposed by Trump and supported by RINO Rick Perry.

It cannot be more clear that this is a race that will determine whether the people of Bastrop, Burleson, Caldwell, Lee, and Milam Counties will have a representative of us to Austin, or a representative of the Austin swamp to us.

Conservatives do not let their Republican friends and neighbors cast uneducated votes. The thing that will win this race for the people of HD 17 is word of mouth. Talk is cheap. Do LOTS of it this weekend and Monday before the remaining voters vote on Tuesday!

This blog was inspired by a social media post by a voter in HD 17, Marine, and father Michael Bastos:

Funny story, I ran into the mailman today on my way to go early vote after work. The dude no joke tells me that he can’t wait for the election to be over so he can stop putting these mailers in the mail boxes. I asked him who he was voting for and he said “sure as hell not this guy” and told me he was voting for Tom Glass. When I asked him why he basically said that he’s had to pass out so many of these things that he didn’t trust someone with enough money to send out this many flyers in such a short amount of time. These are just the flyers I had on hand to take a photo of, kinda over kill when you consider printing and mailing these things out can run you around $50K each time.

Here is a picture of just some of the Gerdes mailers he received:

For the record, here are the two mailers that my grassroots campaign was able to afford:

Tom Glass Campaign Mailer 1:


Tom Glass Campaign Mailer 2: