Republican Bonafides

In all the back and forth in the thick of the campaign, I figured a listing of my Republican bonafides are in order.

My first political memory is that my parents took me at age 7 to a Barry Goldwater rally.

My first vote at age 19 while I was a student at Texas A&M was in the Republican primary in the spring of 1976.  If you know anything about Texas political history, that was a rare event in those days.

As a student at Texas A&M, I urged my fellow students to vote for Bill Clements to make him the first Republican governor in Texas in over 100 years.

As a student at Harvard Business School, I voted in the Republican primary for Ronald Reagan in 1980.

I held the first of several fund raisers for Republicans in my Piney Point Village home in early 1996, the same year the incumbent I challenge turned 10 years old.

That same year, I wrote and got my first plank in the Republican Party of Texas Platform at the state convention in San Antonio.  I have been instrumental in drafting, editing, or influencing 16 others since. I served on the RPT Platform Committee in 2022.

I got a Republican House and Republican State Senator to introduce legislation that I wrote in 1997.

I have attended so many Republican state conventions, that I do not remember how many I have attended.

I have contributed to more Republican candidates than I can know.

I have block walked and stood at the polls for many Republican candidates.

In 2019, because the then Speaker of the Texas House was bashing those who were pushing for the top two priorities of the RPT (constitutional carry and right to life), I organized a group that held a rally against him and block walked against him in his district.  I was not the straw that broke the camel’s back, but he did not return to the Texas legislature in 2021.

I have been honored to receive three statewide conservative awards in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

I have never had a problem with the grassroots I met and worked with in the Republican Party of Texas or the platform of the RPT.  I have had a BIG problem with the elected officials of the Party that betray the RPT principles, platform, and priorities.

The people attacking me in my House race LIKE the establishment, swamp control over the elected Republicans and HATE the idea of the grassroots controlling elected Republicans.  They also HATE the few wealthy individuals who go against the swamp and support grassroots.

This primary is about whether the swamp gets to keep control of the Texas elected Republicans or whether that crony system is smashed and we get a conservative Texas House.