Here are pictures of Tom Glass for use by the press.

Tom_Glass_-_blue_suit_close_up_-_605_x_571_72dpi.jpg     Tom_Glass_-_gray_suit_hi_res_-_2000_x_3000_300dpi.jpg   Tom_Glass_at_State_Capitol_on_south_lawn_cannon_background_-_2147_X_2872_314dpi.jpg 

605x571 72dpi      2000x3000 300dpi   2147X2872 314dpi

 Tom_Glass_-_blue_suit_close_up_-_120_x_113_72dpi.jpg   Tom_Glass_-_Jacket_-_1500_X_2250_-_300dpi.jpg   Tom_Glass_testifying_at_legislature_-_765_X_810.png

   120X113 72dpi    1500X2250 300 dpi     765 x 810  


Tom Glass receiving 2021 Texas
Conservative Leader Award, Dec 4, 2021
with Rafael Cruz and Mary Trammel.


Tom Glass and Christin Bentley receiving
2023 Ross Kesceg Fearless Conservative Awards.


Tom Glass at Texas Sunrise  600 x 600



Tom Glass - Sunrise in Texas Cropped (900 x 726 300dpi)


Tom Glass - Sunrise in Texas

Tom Glass - Sunrise in Texas