Why Tom Glass

I am Tom Glass, and I am running for Texas State Representative District 17.

I am running because I love liberty, the Constitution, Texas, and my country. All of these are under assault, and if we don't act effectively, we will lose them.

These are not usual times, so we don't need politics as usual!

Everything we hold dear as Texans - from our ag industry to our oil and gas industry to our guns to our election integrity to our medical freedom to our financial freedom is under assault from globalists and Marxists who have seized control of the federal government.

Because Texas is under attack, we need Churchills in leadership in Texas, not Chamberlains.

I think I am uniquely qualified in this race to understand the danger we are in and the strategy for how to get out of it.  I have been working to see legislation passed for the past four sessions.

I see my primary duty as a legislator is to do what the framers swore to with their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor - secure the unalienable rights of the citizenry.

A legislator has to be judged on how he or she prioritizes the issues to match the desires of the voters in his or her district.

The issues I will prioritize as a legislator are a continuation of what I have been advocating as a citizen at the Texas Capitol for the last four sessions:

1) Protect the groundwater of rural Texans from mining for suburban development - the rule of capture has to be changed in Texas because it is a recipe for draining irreplaceable groundwater reservoirs.  I pledge to lead the charge legislatively to protect the property rights of landowners to use our water without having it drained by others, leaving us and our posterity dry.

2) Secure the individual, unalienable rights of Texans from assault from whatever source it may come - whether the federal government or its co-opted corporate agents. If you want to see the kinds of efforts that includes, see my Texas Constitutional Enforcement Facebook group or website.

3) Protect our Texas Grid from all hazards - whether green new deal meddling, flawed regulatory philosophies, solar flares, or attacks from foreign nations.  I created the Protect the Texas Grid Facebook group in 2015 and have the scars of the legislative wars to protect our grid to prove it.  I pledge to keep on pushing until our grid is secure from all hazards.

4) Finally, I pledge to work with my fellow legislators to implement the legislative priorities of the Republican Party of Texas.  See my Texas Legislative Priorities Facebook group for more on that.  I am especially interested in monument protection, protecting children from sex-change hormones and puberty blockers, and implementing the property tax priorities of the RPT.

I have the education, life experience, and most importantly, the will to step up and protect Texans in this pivotal moment in our history.  I hope you see the threat and that I can provide part of the solution to the great challenges Texas faces at this time.