Texas laws are sufficient to stop the border invasion if the governor provide the leadership to enforce Texas law to stop the invasion and if the legislature will provide the resources needed to our county district attorneys, our Attorney General, and our county sheriffs to enforce Texas law against trespass, human trafficking, and property destruction, as well as fund the barriers needed to stop the invasion.

This is primarily a leadership issue and a law enforcement issue that requires the vision on the part of the governor to lead to do what it takes to end the invasion.  I do not think our current governor has the will to take the necessary actions, and support replacing him in the primary with any of the three top challengers.  I have endorsed Don Huffines, but think any of the challengers will get the job done.

The Texas legislature can do more to stop the invasion by ending Texas taxpayer subsidies to non-citizens, and I pledge to file a bill and lead on that issue if elected.