Corralling Executive Overreach

I spent most of the 87th legislative session (2021) and a part of the 88th legislative session (2023) working with the legislature in an attempt to insure that future governors will never again use unconstitutional executive power to violate fundamental natural rights of Texans via lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates ever again.  We made some progress in protecting religious and firearms freedom during emergencies.  And we got some protection against vaccine mandates and for visitation privileges of our loved ones in nursing homes.

But we have still have two fundamental problems with executive overreach during emergencies - usurpation and tyranny.

The Texas Disaster Act is unconstitutional in that it allows the governor to legislate from the governor's mansion, something prohibited by article 2, section 1 of our Texas Constitution.

But more fundamentally, the acts of lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccination mandates are violations of natural, unalienable rights that NO branch of government should violate.

I also proposed an amendment the Texas Bill of Rights to protect the unalienable right to decline vaccination in both sessions, with the a bill being filed but not heard in 2023:

We need a comprehensive package of legislation that will better reign in executives during emergencies and that will make clear that Texans will never again tolerate lockdowns, mask mandates, or vaccine mandates in false promise of security.  At this writing in late August, 2023, the drums of the Big-Pharma controlled Deep State are drumming for medical tyranny again.  If you give tyrants unconstitutional power during emergencies, they are likely to produce more emergencies to get more power.