Which would you rather have in state senator?  The incumbent that spends his time working to increase property taxes at a lower rate?  Or me, who will work to eliminate property taxes?

The first place to start ending property tax is the maintenance & operation (M&O) portion of school property taxes.

While we are working to end the property taxes and the wasteful, inefficent, arbitrary, and maddeing appraisal process, we should change the assessment of the value of property to what you paid for it, freezing it until it is sold again.  Since the incumbent makes a living off representing businesses and individuals in the appraisal process, this would put him out of business.

And while we are at it, we should push for a real homestead exemption that prevents Texans from losing their home during their lives due to non=payment of property tax.

Where there is a will, there is a way.  Here is a Texas Public Policy Foundation study on replacing all property tax with sales tax.  Here is another one that gets rid of Robin Hood by gradually increasing the portion of the school district funding from the state while eventually eliminating the maintenance & operations portion of school property tax.