Flippable 2024 Texas House Seats

Flippable Texas House Seats in 2024

The political winds are swirling around in 2024. For several reasons, I plan to focus until November 5, 2024 on Texas House seats that can possibly flip from Democrat today to Republican.

During my GOP primary campaign for Texas House, I said that the weak link in defending against the war on Texas by the feds and globalists is the swamp-controlled Texas House. The total number of elected Texas House Republicans is an important variable in the Speaker race which will determine whether the grip of the Austin swamp on the Texas House can be broken.

I call it Speaker Math. The question is how many Republican Betrayers does it take to join with Democrats to put in a swampy, Uniparty Speaker?  The formula is B (Betrayers needed) = R (total Republicans in the Texas House) – 74.

Currently, there are 86 Republicans in the Texas House.  So, the GOP Betrayers needed is 12.  (Joe Straus and Charlie Geren only needed 11 Betrayers in 2009 to start Uniparty control hostile to conservatives.)  If we flip a net two seats to Republican in November, R will be 88, and Betrayers needed is 14.  Every extra flip makes it harder for the Uniparty to keep power in the next legislative session.  (If the 46 Republican House candidates that have signed the letter to pick a Speaker in the Republican Caucus and vote against candidates who pledge to name Dem chairs stand firm, the Republican Dem-lovers will be forced to cast a record vote of their betrayal on the House floor in January.)

Given that the Dems favor mutilating and sterilizing children to enable their delusions, almost every Democrat refused to vote for a constitutional amendment to require citizenship to vote, and most Dems are soft on the crime that is devastating the voters in their districts, there is plenty of motivation for me to focus on flipping as many Texas House seats red as we can.

So what prospects are there for flipping seats in 2024?

I start with looking at the votes in the 2022 general election for Governor Abbott versus Beto to get a percentage vote.  I looked only at races where there is a Republican challenger in a district currently occupied by a Democrat.  In those races, there is not a single Libertarian candidate this cycle. The Green Party does not list its 2024 nominees for Texas House on its website. I doubt there is a Green Party candidate in these races, either, but conventional wisdom says that if so, it would likely pull votes away from the Dem.

Note that there were Libertarian and Green candidates in the 2022 gubernatorial race.  I made the simplifying assumption that Libertarian governor voters would more likely vote Republican for Texas House and Green governor voters would more likely vote Democrat.  So, the number of R – D  I am using for likely flip-ability in the 2022 governor race in the district is R+L-D-G. (I included the Abbott and Beto percentage vote in the district for a different perspective.)

I also showed in several ways whether the seat is open or whether the GOP candidate is challenging an incumbent. Normally, open seats are more likely to flip than those held by incumbents.

Remember, the percentage of people that have to vote differently this time compared to 2022 for a flip to happen is half the R – D value.  For example, if the vote was 53% D to 47% R last time for an R – D of -6%, just over 3% need to switch to flip the seat. Here is the list in order of “R – D” from highest to lowest:



Dem Cand

GOP Cand

R - D





Uvalde, Zavala, Dimmit, Webb (rural), Frio, Atascosa

Cecilia Castellano

Don McLaughlin






Maverick, Kinney, Val Verde, Terrell, Brewster, Presidio, Jeff Davis, Reeves, Hudspeth, Culberson,  El Paso (NE)

Eddie Morales (I)

Robert Garza






Nueces (W)

Solomon Ortiz

Denise Villalobos






Collin (SW - Plano, Dallas, Richardson)

Mihaela Plesa (I)

Steve Kinard






Hidalgo (SC)

Bobby Guerra (I)

Doc Guerra






Dallas (W-NW - Irving)

Terry Meza (I)

Rose Cannaday






Dallas (NW - Coppell, Carrollton, Northlake)

Cassandra Hernandez

John Jun






Harris (Near NW along 290 outside 610)

Penny Shaw (I)

Kay Smith






Dallas (E - Mesquite, Garland, Rowlett)

Rhetta Andrews Bowers (I)

Stephen Stanley






Fort Bend (NE - Sugarland, Mission Bend, Four Corners)

Suleman Lalani (I)

Lea Simmons






Hidalgo (SE)

Armando Martinez (I)

Jimmie Garcia






Hays (E)

Erin Zweiner (I)

Tennyson Moreno






Travis (SC)

Vikki Goodwin (I)

Scott Firsing






Harris (SW)

Hubert Vo (I)

Lily Truong






Bexar (SW Central)

Phillip Cortez (I)

Ben Mostyn






Harris (River Oaks, W University, Bellaire, Rice U)

Ann Johnson (I)

Audrey Douglas





I doubt that the anything lower on the list will flip.  In fact, even the bottom of the list above is unlikely to flip.  But for completeness, I include all other currently held Democrat seats with Republican challengers:



Dem Cand

GOP Cand

R - D





Williamson (S)

John Bucy (I)

Amin Salahuddin






Bexar (SE Central

Liz Campos (I)

Brandon Grable






Tarrant (ESE)

Chris Turner (I)

Clint Burgess






Dallas (NW Central, White Rock Lake

John Bryant (I)

Aimee Ramsey






Bexar (W Central)

Josey Garcia (I)

Sylvia Soto






Bexar (NW Central)

Trey Martinez Fischer (I)

Darryl W Crain






Fort Bend (E)

Ron Reynolds (I)

Ibifrisolam Max-Alalibo






Travis (NE)

Sheryl Cole (I)

Nikki Kosich






Harris (S Central)

Lauren Ashley Simmons

Lance York






Harris (SE Central)

Jolando Jones (I)

Claudio Gutierrez





A more in-depth analysis is needed of each race.

When I look at the top nine GOP candidates on the list, it is very impressive.  Don McLaughlin is a businessman and former mayor of Uvalde. Robert Garza is an attorney with a lifetime of public service including being mayor of Del Rio. Denise Villalobos is a former school board member.  Steve Kinard is successful oil and gas financier with a strong interest in grid security and blockchain technology.  Doc Guerra is an OB/GYN doctor in the valley who has the experience of running the same race in 2022.  Rose Cannaday has served on the Irving City Council.  John Jun, an immigrant from South Korea, is an attorney with an impressive record of community service including Coppell city council and getting an education while supporting a family. Kay Smith is a universally admired longtime Harris County conservative activist. And Stephen Stanley has had a real estate career and served on the city councils of both Sachse and Garland.

Each of us should be looking to see what we can do to help the top twelve or so which are in our area of operation. I hope to be writing more about these important races as we progress.

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RPT Leadership Vision

SD 18 Delegates and Alternates:

This is to let you know that I will be running to serve SD 18 on the State Nominations Committee at the 2024 RPT State Convention.

The main purpose of the State Nominations Committee is to play a role in the choosing of our State Chair and Vice Chair.  The way the process works is that we and every other SD will pick via majority vote our nomination for Chair and Vice Chair on Friday morning.  The State Nominations Committee then meets on Friday to vote until one candidate for each role gets a majority of SD votes.  That candidate is then placed in nomination at the general assembly Friday afternoon.  Any candidate with 3 or more SD nominations that does not get the nomination can be nominated until we get a Chair and a Vice Chair elected by majority by the general assembly.
It is important to note that the State Nominations Committee representative is obligated to vote for the choice of the SD caucus on the first round.  But it is unlikely, given the number of candidates, that any candidate will get a majority of the SD nominations on the first round.  If the race goes into multiple rounds, the State Nominations Committee representative is free to vote for the candidate he or she thinks best.
Electing a State Nominations Committee person is like electing delegates to National in years where there is a closely contested presidential election.  It is like choosing a presidential elector in the olden days,  The point is that the SD representative has discretion.
Given that our rep will have discretion, I figured you need to know my approach to voting for leadership so that you can see if our visions align.
The most important thing I think you will want to know about me is my vision for the mission and role of the RPT and its leadership.  It is that vision that will inform my priority when deciding how to cast votes for leadership in multiple rounds.
My vision for the RPT is that our top purpose is to implement into law and policy the platform, priorities, and principles of the RPT.  As important as winning general elections is, that is merely a means to the end of conservative policy implementation.
I view the leadership selection through two filters.  First, how committed to conservative policy implementation is the leader vs. where they are on the more traditional emphasis on merely winning elections.  To a certain extent, the candidates are more on a continuum between focus on playing in the legislature and holding GOP election officials accountable and focus on the infrastructure and fundraising for support of nominees in the general election.
The second filter is the eternal battle between the grassroots and whatever you want to call the establishment – the swamp, the special interests, etc. over control of the attention and actions of our elected officials and the party, itself.
When you combine those filters, I am solidly on the side that seeks emphasis on the party playing a dominant role in the legislature and holding elected officials who do not implement our priorities and platform.  I believe that if we as a party abandon our commitment to impact on the legislature and elected official accountability, we turn the party into cheerleaders for incumbents and foot soldiers in a crony army.  In other words, if we do not focus on accountability, the grassroots loses to the swamp.
So, I will be looking for leaders who can walk and chew gum at the same time.  I want leaders who put policy implementation first, but can manage the blocking and tackling of winning general elections.
I realize that when we talk about fundraising as a weapon in the leadership races, that there is a tradeoff that inevitably comes when RPT leadership holds the minions in the legislature of the swamp accountable, the swamp money men may cut off the RPT.

I have noticed that those who play the game for power do not play nice.  I also know that it takes incredible courage, commitment, and grit to hold elected officials accountable.  I think that those who think that if they are just nicer to the people from whom we are seeking to take power, that it will go smoother, are probably mistaken.  I certainly believe in talking to everyone and being cordial, but it takes grit to actually make accountability happen.
One important question that I think worth asking is whether you think Speaker Dade Phelan being on the ropes in his speakership and his seat is a good thing or not.
Of course, in my assessment, I overlay commitment to vision with ability to implement based on life experience, resume, and record of accomplishment.
If you think it good, then you must acknowledge the grit and determination it took on the part of Matt Rinaldi and the majority of the SREC to make that good result possible.  And if you liked that result, you should look for someone with the vision, commitment, and grit to continue down that path.
OK.  Now that you know my vision and evaluation criteria, how will I apply that in my votes if elected.  My Chair candidates in order of preference are Abraham George, a tie between Mike Garcia and Weston Martinez, Ben Armenta, Dana Myers, and my least favorite, Matt Mackowiak.
I will not take up more of your time in the resume reasons why I make these priorities.  I will tell you that my reason for putting the capable Dana Myers as low as I do on the list is that I fear that she is more focused on the mechanics of winning general elections than impacting the legislature.
I put Abraham George at the top of my list because he has said, “Our goal is to turn our priorities and platform into law.”  Perfectly stated.  George also has the resume and record of success that show he can get the job done.  He has built businesses, served on SREC, lobbied for issues at the legislature, served as chair of Collin County, raising $700K in the process, and run for state rep against a Paxton impeacher.
I abhor the skulking tabloid attacks on Abraham and his family.  I get a sense of déjà vu from the Paxton impeachment and the attacks on Trump when I see these.  I think you, the grassroots delegates to the RPT convention are not easily deceived by late-breaking accusations that violate TEC law and will - given enough time – as it was with Paxton - prove to be untrue or irrelevant.
I believe that the attacks on George come from the same establishment sources that attacked Paxton and Trump.  In my view, they tell us who the establishment really fears will effectively continue the inroads the grassroots are making in achieving advance in the Texas House and policy implementation.

They come from the same proxy war between the swamp donors (embodied by TLR and ART) and the big donors to grassroots challengers (embodied by the Dunns and the Wilks).  We saw that proxy war play out with the distraction of trying to get grassroots Texans to care about gotcha racial politics and virtue signaling played out in the “Nazi” accusations in the campaigns.  (You may or may not know that when I ran for State Rep in HD 17 this cycle, the opening salvo by my TLR/ART-backed incumbent opponent was the headline, “Stan Gerdes Statement on Tom Glass and Neo-Nazis.”  The "link" was that I had accepted about 10% of my funding in 2022 from a Dunn/Wilks PAC.  Trust me.  NO ONE on my district cared about such inside baseball, lefty distractions.  But the same folks pushing that line in the primaries against grassroots challengers are backing the more establishment candidates for leadership.)
If you want to more about my resume and views, you can see my State Rep campaign page, which is still up (www.tomglass.org ).
I look forward to continuing the discussion about the future of the RPT later this week and working with you . . .
Toward liberty,
Tom Glass

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Resolutions for RPT Conventions

Resolutions for County/SD Conventions This Weekend and State Convention

The Republican Party of Texas and its county parties have several important roles to play.  One of the most important is the bottom-up, grassroots process for creating its platform and legislative priorities.

The legislative priorities are especially important, providing a way for the RPT to become a key stakeholder in the Texas legislative process.

In this email I offer proposed resolutions that you may want to introduce in your county or senate district convention this coming Saturday, March 23.  I am writing to a statewide audience.  Some counties and SDs are already on their way in the process, having already had their precinct conventions. Bastrop and Caldwell Counties in HD 17 are in that boat.

But other places -- usually smaller counties like Lee, Burleson, and Milam Counties in HD 17 -- will have both precinct and county conventions this coming Saturday, March 23.  See schedules and locations for HD 17 counties at the end of this email.

See links to suggested resolutions associated with each title below and a bit of discussion about them.  You can download the PDF for use in your convention process.

Legislative Priority Resolution Suggestions

Because of lack of time, I will not provide rationale for these.  Hopefully the reasons these should make the priority cut will be already apparent.

Let Texans Run Texas Priority

Monetary Freedom Priority

Vaccine Freedom Priority

Axe Property Tax Priority

Election Integrity Priority

Grid Hardening Priority

Closed Primary Priority

Grassroots America/We the People has also put up a website page with proposed resolutions from conservative Texas organizations.

Platform Changes or Additions

Water Resources Plank Change

I think it important that all the counties of HD 17 pass this resolution.

Border Resolution

Another thing done at the state convention is to pass a very few topical resolutions.  Such usually gain national attention.  In 2022, the two that made it through Platform Committee and adopted by the entire State Convention called out that the 2020 election was stolen and censured John Cornyn for his anti-gun votes.

I think that this convention, the most important resolution we can have is to make a full-throated call for Texas to exercise our Article I, Section 10 natural and constitutional right to self defense against the border invasion even if the federal judiciary has entered a stay or opined that Texas cannot defend itself. Click here to see the border resolution.

HD 17 Convention Schedules and Locations

Lee County

I am the Resolutions Committee Chair at the Lee County Republican Convention.  If you voted in the Republican Primary in Lee County, I hope you will join us.

Location: The Lions Den, 1623 FM 141, Giddings  ( map )

Precinct Conventions:  10:00 am

County Convention:  1:00 pm

Burleson County

Location:  Cooks Point Community Center, 300 FM 1362, Caldwell   ( map )

Precinct Conventions:  10:00 am

County Convention:  following Precinct Conventions

Milam County

Location:  Milam County Annex, 806 N Crockett Ave, Cameron  ( map )

Precinct Conventions:  9:00 am

County Convention:  following Precinct Conventions

Caldwell County

Location:  First Lockhart Baptist Church Connections Center, 200 S Blanco St, Lockhart  ( map )

County Convention:  10:00 am

Note that to participate in the county convention you must have been already named a delegate at the precinct conventions already held.  Observers I am sure are welcome.

Bastrop County

Location:  Family Worship Center, 2425 FM 1704, Elgin ( map )

County Convention:  9:00 am

Note that to participate in the county convention you must have been already named a delegate at the precinct conventions already held.  Observers I am sure are welcome.

State Convention

Whether you are a delegate or not, you can present to the Platform and Legislative Priorities Committees at the State Convention at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio.  The committees will probably be taking testimony on Tuesday, May 20 through Thursday, May 23.  The convention starts on Thursday, May 23 and goes through Saturday, May 25.

Toward liberty,


Tom Glass

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We lost AND we won

We Lost AND We Won!

The unofficial results are that Gerdes won with 57.8% to my 42.2%.  The votes for Gerdes were 14,136 versus 10,309 for Glass, meaning I lost by 3,827.  I am pretty sure that the mail-in ballots are not included in the vote count, but the 500 or so mail-in ballots will not make a difference in the outcome.

When I first thought about running for HD 17 in 2022, Kathie said that the most important thing was to change the culture of the Texas House in order to select a speaker in line with the grassroots. Last night, we did exactly that, and that is why I say “we won,” even though we lost our race for HD 17.

The “Weak Link” Has Been Repaired

HD 17 was just one battle in the establishment v. grassroots war raging in Republican Texas House primaries across the state.  I had said that if we won just ten or so of the 42 challenges to Paxton impeachers, it would be a gamechanger.

The good news is that we had a tremendous shakeup last night in the Texas House for the good!  Throughout the campaign, I repeatedly said that the Texas government is the strategic line of defense against an occupied DC that seeks to destroy everything Texans hold dear, but that the swamp-controlled Texas House is the weak link in our defense.  It looks like that will no longer be the case in 2025.

Seven Paxton impeachers lost outright last night.  Eight more, including Speaker Dade Phelan, were forced into runoffs.  Normally, an incumbent forced into a runoff loses.  That means 15 Paxton impeachers are in various stages of defeat.  When we add the five establishment retirees who did not seek re-election, one other establishment loss, and a Democrat seat likely to flip Republican, we are looking at as many 22 flipped seats!

The quality of the victors last night is incredible.  To mention a few:

  • Mike Olcott, Parker County Conservatives founder
  • Mitch Little, one of the awesome Ken Paxton impeachment defense team
  • Shelley Luther, who went to jail for opening her hair salon during COVID to provide a living to her employees, and
  • Janis Holt, former SREC member who represented the Colony Ridge area

Grassroots champion Matt Morgan defied all odds in Fort Bend County with the most impressive victory of the primary, surviving non-stop bombardment of lying ads on Houston TV and endorsements against him by Abbott and Patrick.  Wes Virdell, Texas executive director of Gun Owners of America, won the seat vacated by the retiring House impeachment manager.

They are going to rock the Texas House!

When Ken Paxton urged us at our January event to vote against three of the Court of Criminal Appeals incumbents who gutted his ability to prosecute election fraud in Texas, I wondered if he had enough clout to deliver on that request.  The person that does have that kind of clout, though, is Donald Trump, and Paxton persuaded Trump to endorse against them, too.  All three incumbents lost last night.


I can’t express enough how humbled and awed I am by the enthusiastic, sustained support of so many in this district and around the state.  My campaign was funded by you.  It was implemented by you with block walking, word of mouth, sign deployment, standing at the polls, and prayer.  We are a band of brothers and sisters working to save our posterity, our liberty, our state, and our nation.  There is a special bond created in such a fight, and Kathie and I will cherish the friendships and memories from this campaign for the rest of our lives.

The Deciding Factor in the HD 17 Race

This result is not what I expected, given the overwhelmingly positive feedback I received standing at the polls and at the door while block walking.  There is a lot of analysis to be done, but I have a few thoughts about why we lost that I will share.

The biggest factor in this race was Governor Abbott’s endorsement and support of Gerdes.  Abbott is tremendously popular in this district and across Texas, and his endorsement carried more weight with the swing voters that matter than Ken Paxton’s endorsement of me and Gerdes’ vote to impeach Paxton.  Abbott backed up his endorsement with at least $80,000 of ads on Gerdes’ behalf, something that Paxton was not able to do, given his need to spend so much on his impeachment defense.

Polling says that Trump’s endorsement would have countered and surpassed Abbott’s had I gotten it.  But Dan Patrick, for his own reasons, apparently persuaded Trump not to endorse me, despite Ken Paxton and Sid Miller urging Trump to do so.

I said at the beginning of the race that the crystalizing event for me running again was the vote by Gerdes to impeach Paxton.  I thought that would be an action by Gerdes that would alienate him from  voters, and it largely did.  I did not factor in that, while Abbott wants to defeat a Phelan-controlled House, he does not want to cede influence over the House to Paxton.  I seriously doubt that Abbott, Patrick, and Trump would have played the endorsement game in this unusual year without Paxton first endorsing.

The unpleasant fact of Texas House races in the Republican primary continues to be that the majority of Republican primary voters do not have news sources about what happens at the Texas House and overly rely on endorsements and advertising to make their choice for their state representative.

Money for advertising is not near as determinative in a two-way race where, as in this case, we had sufficient funding and ground game to get our name and message out.  Yes, $1 million dollars of big donor money came in from outside the district for Gerdes, arrogantly attempting to pick our representative.  That may have played a part in the Gerdes victory, but I think the Abbott endorsement and ads turned the tide from what was probably an early lead by our campaign, driven by our block walking, word of mouth, sign deployment, and advertising.

The voters have spoken. I wish the best for Gerdes and hope that he justifies their support.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Because our posterity, state, and nation need effective action to save them, I plan to continue doing what I can in that larger fight.  I hope that a lot of us continue working together in that fight.  Here are some of the ways that I want to keep going that maybe you can help in, too.  More details as we go.

First, I want to do what I can do to help fund and support the challengers of Paxton impeachers in their runoffs.  They are:

HD 21 – David Covey against Texas Speaker Dade Phelan (Jasper, Orange, Jefferson Counties)

HD 64 – Andy Hopper against Lynn Stuckey **  (Wise and Denton Counties)

HD 61 – Keresa Richardson against Frederick Frazier ** (Collin County)

HD 91 – David Lowe against Stephanie Klick ** (Tarrant County)

**  Governor Abbott has endorsed and is supporting the Paxton impeacher that has been forced into the runoff.  Note that in other runoffs, Abbott endorsed and supports the challenger because of the school choice issue.

Second, I intend to go to my Republican precinct and county conventions and seek to go to the RPT state convention and get the best platform, priorities, and party leadership we can.

Third, I want to focus on what we can do to insure secure elections in the big counties of Texas for the general election.

Finally, I want to start preparing legislation and strategies for the 2025 Texas legislature.

I don’t know about you, but when I prayed about this race, I prayed that God’s will be done.  Evidently, He has other plans for me and this district than what we worked for.  I accept that and will keep pushing forward.

I hope we get to work together in the future . . .

Toward liberty,


Tom Glass

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The Arrogance of the Big Boys

The arrogant attempt of the big boys to purchase the Texas House is raging in Republican primaries all over the state. This is a report on my Central Texas area of operation.

Through the last reporting period, $700K had poured into supporting Stan Gerdes from out-of-district lobbyists, PACs, and politicians. I am getting word that even more is arriving.

This arrogant barrage from a few wealthy individuals who REALLY want to pick the "representative" from our district is turning the stomachs of a LOT of Republican voters.

I have raised $43K from the district from 168 HD 17 voters. Gerdes has only raised $26K from 49 in-district voters. You got that right. Gerdes gets only 3%, maybe less, from the voters in this district.

The big boys who want to run our lives want the voters to ignore that I am more experienced in business (including the oil business) and the Texas Legislature, more educated, more endorsed by trusted conservative groups, more independent, and more driven to save our posterity's future by securing our border and resisting occupied DC's war on Texas.

They want you to ignore that Gerdes:

* Works for a lobbying firm while pretending to represent us

* At the behest of his two biggest donors, impeached our border champion, Ken Paxton

* Is most influenced and installed and backed by Rick Perry, who recently said that it is "Sexy to be RINO."

* Was funded this cycle by the same billionaires that backed Nikki Haley against Trump

* Supports and is supported by disgraced Speaker Dade Phelan, both of whom support Democrat chairs in the Texas House. Phelan is opposed by Trump and supported by RINO Rick Perry.

It cannot be more clear that this is a race that will determine whether the people of Bastrop, Burleson, Caldwell, Lee, and Milam Counties will have a representative of us to Austin, or a representative of the Austin swamp to us.

Conservatives do not let their Republican friends and neighbors cast uneducated votes. The thing that will win this race for the people of HD 17 is word of mouth. Talk is cheap. Do LOTS of it this weekend and Monday before the remaining voters vote on Tuesday!

This blog was inspired by a social media post by a voter in HD 17, Marine, and father Michael Bastos:

Funny story, I ran into the mailman today on my way to go early vote after work. The dude no joke tells me that he can’t wait for the election to be over so he can stop putting these mailers in the mail boxes. I asked him who he was voting for and he said “sure as hell not this guy” and told me he was voting for Tom Glass. When I asked him why he basically said that he’s had to pass out so many of these things that he didn’t trust someone with enough money to send out this many flyers in such a short amount of time. These are just the flyers I had on hand to take a photo of, kinda over kill when you consider printing and mailing these things out can run you around $50K each time.

Here is a picture of just some of the Gerdes mailers he received:

For the record, here are the two mailers that my grassroots campaign was able to afford:

Tom Glass Campaign Mailer 1:


Tom Glass Campaign Mailer 2:

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The Swamp's Barrage of Mailers

I arrived at the Bastrop County Republican Party meeting last night only to be told by many there that they had been barraged with glossy mailers from Stan Gerdes and the swamp entities that are doing third party mailers for him.

Some, who had not picked up their mail for several days, had three mailers for Gerdes in their mailbox.  Since 18 of 21 Bastrop County GOP precinct chairs have endorsed me, the crowd was not amused. I have heard similar complaints from those I greet at the polls.

Given that, it is time to talk about the warning I gave on the second of the two glossy mailers that my grassroots campaign has been able to afford.  On one, I said:

"You may get LOTS of glossy mailers from incumbent Stan Gerdes because the swamp is spending big bucks to keep their puppet in power. Mailers like this cost $16,000 or more."

In the second half of 2023, the swamp had supplied 83% of the money with which he is bombarding us.  Less than 5% came from the district.  We have not had time to analyze the money since then, but those ratios surely have only gotten worse.

Throughout this campaign, I have been trying to provide proof that I am the grassroots, MAGA, constitutional conservative in this race, running against a swamp installed puppet.  See the meme below for some of those arguments.

If you want a champion to defend Texas against the multiple assaults (including the border) from an occupied DC, I am the most experienced, educated, and driven candidate in the race, not beholden to the swamp.

The question remains for you, the Republican voter:

Do you want a representative of you to Austin, or a representative of the Austin swamp to you?

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Gerdes Patron Rick Perry: "Being a RINO is sexy"

Can The Swamp Be Any More Obvious?

The Houston Chronicle reports that at a fund raiser for Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, Rick Perry joked that being a RINO is sexy.

(Photo by Kim Brent for the Houston Chronicle.)

Rick Perry and Dade Phelan are, of course, the handlers and patrons of Stan Gerdes. Phelan is the bagman for the swamp's control of the Texas House.

Phelan killed our most important border bills at the request of the Democrats and killed the bill by Senator Lois Kolkhorst to ban Communist Chinese from owning land in Texas.

This is why I say that the Texas House is the weak link in Texas' defense against an occupied DC that wants to take everything we hold dear.  And that to win against the DC swamp, we must smash the Austin swamp.

And it is also why I say, to save Texas, fire Phelan, fire Gerdes.  Vote Tom Glass.

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Stan Gerdes Works for a Lobbying Firm

Stan Gerdes, the freshman incumbent in Texas House District 17, works for a lobbying firm.

The firm that hired Gerdes in August, 2023 is Hance Scarborough LLC.  Kent Hance, current Chancellor of Texas Tech and who has held numerous elective offices as a Democrat is the Hance in the firm name.

Stan Gerdes is not an attorney.  His title with this law firm is Legislative Consultant. He has no known real-world experience in the energy industry.

This link on the Hance Scarborough page said that Rick Perry brought Gerdes to the job.  Rick Perry has been in the news, lately, endorsing against Trump in Speaker Phelan's district primary race.  Speaker Phelan and Stan Gerdes support sharing power in the Texas House with Democrats.

"The theme of my campaign has been that Stan Gerdes, the incumbent I challenge in the GOP primary that starts February 20, was installed and is controlled by the Austin swamp," said Tom Glass. "But this news which we just learned tells us more than that. Gerdes IS the swamp!"

"I have repeatedly said in the campaign that if the voters of HD 17 want a representative of us to Austin, instead of a representative of the Austin swamp to us. This latest news establishes that fact beyond all doubt," Glass continued.

Glass has previously offered other proof of the swamp control over Gerdes. The Texas Ethics Commission reports from the second half of 2023 show that the incumbent received 83% of his funds from the Austin Swamp, the largest donation being a group that pushed the Paxton impeachment. The second largest donation was from Speaker Dade Phelan, also a leader for impeachment. (See this Tom Glass blog post for more details.)

"I wish I had known this about Gerdes sooner," said Glass.  "I don't have a swamp PAC that will fund $6,500 opposition research on me like Gerdes did. I do have dedicated volunteers, one of whom alerted me of this only yesterday."

"To defeat the war on Texas and everything we hold dear by DC and globalists, we must drain the Austin Swamp," Glass said. "When you have an occupied DC, the Texas government is the next line of defense of Texans against the assault on everything Texans hold dear is Texas government, but the Texas House is the weak link in that defense."

"The Austin swamp wants to act like it is business-as-usual time when it is not in Texas or the US," Glass concluded.

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Tom Glass is MAGA Choice in HD 17

I, Tom Glass, am the clear MAGA choice in Texas House District 17.

Anyone who is paying attention knows that the MAGA vote in the Texas House is for challengers to the Paxton-impeaching, swamp-controlled incumbents.

The Austin swamp is clearly funded by Trump-haters and the Texas House members they control, like the swamp puppet I challenge, Stan Gerdis, deceptively use that money to imply Trump support.  Here are the reasons why I am MAGA and my opponent is not:

  • Trump said that border champion Paxton impeachers like incumbent Gerdes are "establishment RINOs" and need to be fired.
  • Trump endorses against Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, the second largest donor to Gerdes. Gerdes and Phelan support Democrat chairs in the Texas House.
  • Trump-haters that donate to Nikki Haley are funding Gerdes.
  • The godfather of Gerdes' wife and main handler/promoter of him, Rick Perry, has endorsed on the opposite side of Trump in the Speaker Phelan race.
  • It is not enough to remove Phelan. To drain the Austin swamp and have a MAGA Texas House, Phelan lieutenants and followers must be fired, too.

I created this meme to address the issue after a group claiming to support Trump called the Trump Conservative Club of Texas published a list of endorsements including me.

Note that this is not an endorsement from Trump. He has endorsed so far in only one Texas House race -- against Speaker Dade Phelan.  But he should endorse me for all the reasons listed above and more.

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Republican Bonafides

In all the back and forth in the thick of the campaign, I figured a listing of my Republican bonafides are in order.

My first political memory is that my parents took me at age 7 to a Barry Goldwater rally.

My first vote at age 19 while I was a student at Texas A&M was in the Republican primary in the spring of 1976.  If you know anything about Texas political history, that was a rare event in those days.

As a student at Texas A&M, I urged my fellow students to vote for Bill Clements to make him the first Republican governor in Texas in over 100 years.

As a student at Harvard Business School, I voted in the Republican primary for Ronald Reagan in 1980.

I held the first of several fund raisers for Republicans in my Piney Point Village home in early 1996, the same year the incumbent I challenge turned 10 years old.

That same year, I wrote and got my first plank in the Republican Party of Texas Platform at the state convention in San Antonio.  I have been instrumental in drafting, editing, or influencing 16 others since. I served on the RPT Platform Committee in 2022.

I got a Republican House and Republican State Senator to introduce legislation that I wrote in 1997.

I have attended so many Republican state conventions, that I do not remember how many I have attended.

I have contributed to more Republican candidates than I can know.

I have block walked and stood at the polls for many Republican candidates.

In 2019, because the then Speaker of the Texas House was bashing those who were pushing for the top two priorities of the RPT (constitutional carry and right to life), I organized a group that held a rally against him and block walked against him in his district.  I was not the straw that broke the camel’s back, but he did not return to the Texas legislature in 2021.

I have been honored to receive three statewide conservative awards in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

I have never had a problem with the grassroots I met and worked with in the Republican Party of Texas or the platform of the RPT.  I have had a BIG problem with the elected officials of the Party that betray the RPT principles, platform, and priorities.

The people attacking me in my House race LIKE the establishment, swamp control over the elected Republicans and HATE the idea of the grassroots controlling elected Republicans.  They also HATE the few wealthy individuals who go against the swamp and support grassroots.

This primary is about whether the swamp gets to keep control of the Texas elected Republicans or whether that crony system is smashed and we get a conservative Texas House.

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TEC Reports Prove Gerdes is Swamp-installed and Phelan-controlled

We got the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) reports in for the second half of 2023, and the swamp influence over the incumbent I am challenging is was even worse than I had expected.

The message of the Tom Glass Republican primary campaign for Texas House District 17 is that there is a sharp contrast between experienced, grassroots, constitutional conservative champion Tom Glass and swamp-installed, Paxton-impeaching, Dade Phelan-controlled incumbent Stan Gerdes.

There are 2 proofs of that – the vote by Gerdes to impeach Paxton and the sources of funding for Gerdes.  The Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) reports for the second half of 2023 are now out.  And boy, do we have the receipts of the extent of control that the Austin swamp and Dade Phelan have over Stan Gerdes!

Here is a table highlighting the differences between Tom Glass and Stan Gerdes in the 2-say race for HD 17 in the GOP primary:

2H2023 TEC Report Analysis



Percentage Funds from Swamp:



Funds from PACs



Funds from Lobbyists



Funds from Speaker Dade Phelan



Funds from Campaigns (incl Phelan)



Total funds from Swamp:



% Funds from In-District:



Number of Donors (Individual & Entities)



Number of Individual Donors



Individual Donors In-District



Cash on Hand YE2023



Gerdes’ swamp involvement was worse than I thought.  I sent out a press release this morning talking about how the information we had before today showed that Gerdes got half his funding from the swamp.

But now we have the full picture.  Gerdes got 83.3% of his funding from a combination of lobbyists, political action committees (PACs), and campaigns which are the quintessential definition of the Austin Swamp. Only 4.3% of his funds came from in-district.

Just as last cycle, the largest donor to Gerdes is the Paxton-bashing Texans for Lawsuit Reform with $69.5K donated in the reporting period.  Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign Fund donated $6,500 in opposition research on me.  (I wonder if they used the same guys that Hillary used to make up the fake dossier on Trump.)

And disgraced Speaker Dade Phelan reports $29.5K in donations to Gerdes. (I have seen a mailer by Phelan to the district for Gerdes during that period that does not appear to have been reported by Gerdes.)

The Republican voters of Caldwell, Bastrop, Lee, Burleson, and Milam Counties have two choices in the primary that starts on February 20 – an incumbent completely beholden to the Austin swamp or a grassroots-funded, experienced, educated, constitutional champion.

I predict that Republican voters of HD 17 will agree with me in overwhelming numbers that, “The district needs a representative to Austin, NOT a representative from the Austin swamp to the district!"

We just need to get the word out.  If you want that to happen, you must do your best to systematically reach out to your network of friends and neighbors to let them know that there is a real choice in the primary and that Tom Glass is the man if you want to be represented in Austin.

The good news is that I have $49K cash on hand at the beginning of 2024.  With the cash I have been told I will get and what has already come in in 2024, we have the bare-bones money we need to get the word out with paid advertising.  Gerdes had $80.9K.   But, word of mouth in the country beats big bucks with fancy ads and glossy mailers.

As my friend Brett Rogers says, “Talk is cheap.  So do a lot of it.”

The bigger picture of this race is that a stolen, corrupt federal government and globalists have declared war on Texans and everything we hold dear.  This is not business as usual time in Texas or the US!  The next line of defense in that war is Texas – our legislature, our governor, and our attorney general.  But the swampy Texas House acts like it is business as usual.  To defeat the war on Texas and everything we hold dear by DC and globalists, we must drain the Austin Swamp.  And my Texas House District 17 race is a big part of that effort.

Please do everything you can do to spread the word to your HD 17 contacts.  And, if you can, more money will do even more to make sure the word gets to the voters.


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Tom Glass Says HD 17 Incumbent is the Nikki Haley in the Race


The incumbent I am challenging in Texas House District 17 has received half his funding from lobbyists and PACs and less than 15% from the district, according to the last three Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) special session reports on file.

"In the most recent report, the incumbent's largest donor ($2,500) was a Koch Industries PAC. Voters in the district should know that a Koch Industries PAC is supporting and endorsing Nikki Haley in her bid to defeat President Trump for the Republican presidential nomination," Tom Glass said.

"I am the grassroots constitutional conservative in the race, running against a swamp-installed, Paxton-impeaching puppet." Tom Glass said. "The TEC reports are strong evidence of what differentiates us."

"Although I welcome contributions from PACs that support conservative principles, so far in this campaign, I have received neither lobbyist nor PAC contributions. In the same three TEC reports, I received over 30% funding from the district, with the rest coming from the conservative grassroots friends I have developed in the last decade of volunteer work at the Texas Capitol," Glass said.

In the three special session TEC reports, Tom Glass had 128 donors versus 86 for the incumbent. The in-district donors were 37 for Glass and 16 for the incumbent.

The district needs a representative to Austin, NOT a representative from the Austin swamp to the district," Glass said.

"To defeat the war on Texas and everything we hold dear by DC and globalists, we must drain the Austin Swamp," Glass said. "This is not business as usual time in Texas or the US!"

Tom Glass narrowly missed making it into the GOP runoff in a 5-way, open seat in 2022. The HD 17 GOP primary race in 2024 will be a 2-way race between Tom Glass and the freshman incumbent. HD 17 consists of Bastrop, Burleson, Caldwell, Lee, and Milam Counties in Central Texas.

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Surviving and Thriving in 2024

Wishing you and yours a harmonious, prosperous, and happy new year.

The Chinese curse is, "May you live in interesting times." And, from that perspective I think a lot of us are thinking that 2024 is going to be VERY interesting.

The likelihood of dark events like war, economic collapse, terrorist attacks, another engineered "pandemic," as well as out and out lawless activity during, before, and after our general elections seems higher than at any time in our lifetime. For those inclined to worry, there is more to worry about than ever in our lifetimes.

But I enter 2024 prepared, determined, and calm. There are several reasons for this.

First, if you, as the Bible tells us, fear God, you have nothing else to fear. You know that it all works out OK in the end, no matter what will happen that we don't like in the short term. Second, the message of Mordecai to Esther has great meaning to me. In asking Esther to risk her life to save her people, one variant of Mordecai's message was, "Consider that you were born for such a time as this."

I believe 2024 will be an inflection point in Texas and American history. I cannot guarantee that those who stole the federal government in 2020 can be stopped from doing so again in 2024. They may try some of what worked before, but we know for sure that they have new tricks up their sleeves.

One of the main reasons I am running for Texas House is that I am firmly convinced that we must have a second line of defense against the powerful forces who want to take everything we in Texas hold dear.

One year from now, we may be facing a situation where the federal government is still in the hands of those who seek to enslave and destroy us. That means having a Texas government in 2025 that will protect us from the globalist and federal assaults will be more important than ever.

Because I know that war has been declared on us by our wannabe globalist and woke masters, I know that we must have a warrior mindset. This is NOT business or politics as usual time! We need our Texas government to understand that and to courageously act on that understanding. To be a warrior, you cannot be a worrier. Warriors have to accept that they are likely dead and calmly execute their mission. If you are prayed up, you can reach that mental state. If the Republicans of HD 17 pick me on March 5, I will go focused on the mission, not on re-election.

I consider myself politically dead. I have had a career - thank you very much! I don't need one in politics. I just need to make sure that we turn back the assault and that my grand daughter can grow up in a free country the way we did.

So my resolutions for 2024 are to: 1) make sure I am right with my maker. 2) make sure my family is prepared for a wide range of cataclysmic events. 3) calmly, resolutely, and courageously work to organize Texas to resist the storm that is very likely coming.

I hope you will too. And one year from now, I hope we will be celebrating together the incredible victories for liberty and Texas we have won.

Toward liberty, Tom Glass

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The Race to March 5

A I write this on December 5, 2023, we sit 3 months (91 days) away from March 5, 2024, Republican primary election day where not only my race for Texas House will be decided, but the nominations for US Senate, Texas choice for President, justices for both the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and Supreme Court, appellate justices, and multiple local judges, as well as multiple county races for sheriff, constable, district attorney, county commissioner, justice of peace.

Early voting starts on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, the day after President’s Day.  February 20, the real start of the election, is only 77 days and 11 weekends away.  One of those weekends, of course, includes Christmas Eve and cannot be used for campaigning.

We find out for sure Monday evening, December 11, but it looks like this will be a two-way race between the Paxton-impeaching freshman incumbent who I faced in 2022 and the grassroots challenger, me, Tom Glass.

At this moment in the campaign, volunteers and I have knocked over 1,000 doors, we have built a lot of infrastructure for the campaign like signs, flyers, door hangers, websites, social media, etc., and we slogging our way in raising the money that every campaign needs to get the message out.

What is this campaign’s message?  It is that everything Texans hold dear, from our oil and gas livelihoods, our agricultural livelihoods, our economy, our children, our guns, our medical freedom, the value of our dollar, liberty, and our Constitutions is under assault from a stolen, corrupt federal government, globalists, and Marxists.  It is NOT business as usual time in Texas or America!

Texas can withstand this war on us if our state legislature, our governor, our attorney general, and our counties will unite to fight it.  The problem is that to resist the DC swamp attacking us, we have to clean up the Austin swamp.  The current Texas House and its leadership acts like it is business as usual time when it is not.

I am running against a young freshman incumbent who was installed by the establishment to follow that complacent, clueless House leadership.  There are multiple proofs of that statement.  The most substantive of which is that he followed the establishment attack on our most effective champion defending Texas from the DC war on us, our Attorney General Ken Paxton. You read that right, Stan Gerdes voted to impeach Ken Paxton.

When I deliver that message at the door in HD 17, it is overwhelmingly well received.  By that I mean that 98% react positively.  You call that a winning message.

The challenge of my campaign is to deliver that message to the GOP primary voters in HD 17 who are conservative, but do not hear or pay attention to news about what happens at the Texas legislature.

Business as usual for the establishment is to use big establishment money to build name ID with repetitive, comprehensive advertising.  The incumbent’s campaign at this early stage has already sent 2 glossy mailers and has had paid block walkers deliver flyers and knock doors all over the district.  The embattled establishment-backed Speaker Phelan that my incumbent follows has sent a mailer for him.  And using Texas tax dollars and the power of the incumbency, he has sent a legislative report using the standard franking privileges of the office.

In short, I am going to be way outspent in this campaign.  But all we need to do together to go the distance is get the winning message above to the voters via boots on the ground block walking, word of mouth networking, and a smaller-but-sufficient amount of advertising using funds raised.

You can take independent action to spread the word to your networks.  Let me know via tomglass.org website or [email protected] if you are ready to help in that effort with volunteer effort or with a donation no matter how large or small.  (We are currently in the middle of a match of $25 donations to the campaign, so please make that small donation, today at tomglass.org/donate.)

When I thought of “running” for office, I figured this picture of me running for Texas A&M at age 20 would capture the spirit of my campaign.  Will you go the distance with me?

After all, we have a state, a country, and the liberty of our posterity to save!

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Thanksgiving and Happiness Inseparably Linked

Happy Thanksgiving!

Those two words are inseparably linked. You cannot be happy unless you are grateful for the good things in life.

Going further, the source of most of the current unhappiness that is ripping our state and union apart is that so many people focus on their grievances, instead of their blessings.

The framers wrote in the Declaration about certain unalienable rights among which was the pursuit of happiness. It is not an accident that George Washington who was out fighting in the field while the Declaration was being written and signed, proclaimed the first Thanksgiving in his first year in the office of president.

George Washington understood that the key to the pursuit of happiness is an attitude of gratitude. In other words, the successful way to pursue happiness is to focus on your blessings, not your grievances.

The root cause of most of our political problems, today, is that broken, miserable, lost people that have fallen into a downward spiral of always focusing on the negative are trying to bring the rest of us into their misery.

These people are on a mission to make sure that those of us who focus on and work toward the positives in life are stopped by psychological manipulation using the tools of fear and guilt, or if necessary brute force to keep us from exercising our natural, unalienable rights to pursue happiness.

I am grateful for much. In the political realm, I am grateful for our heritage of liberty and the example of the framers who had the courage to change the things they could, the patience to accept the things they couldn’t, and the wisdom to know the difference. I am grateful for their attitude of gratitude.

I am grateful to them for writing the Declaration of Independence, thereby giving us a document that tells us the mission and moral grounding of our governments. I am grateful for written constitutions that that they created at the state and federal level that sought to bind governments down to secure our rights.

And I am grateful that, although the window is rapidly contracting, we still have the freedom and power to stop those unhappy people who are using all their power and skill to try to ruin the happiness of the rest of us.

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The Establishment Lashes Out

The Establishment Lashes Out

Has it only been 5 days since my last report?  It seems like an eternity because so much has happened.

The big news is that the establishment is in a full court press against the grassroots in HD 17.  Let me count the ways.

  • The Gerdes Campaign has delivered its second glossy mailer in so many weeks, this one bashing Biden for a “failure” at the border. (The one before that had Stan taking credit for the property tax cut finally passed in the second special session.)
  • A mailer from Dade Phelan for Gerdes has hit the mailboxes of many in the district.
  • I discovered while block walking myself this weekend that Gerdes has paid block walkers out for him.
  • And the Gerdes campaign has launched two direct assaults on my candidacy in a one-two punch on Monday and Tuesday. I will talk about the Monday assault later after I know more.  The second assault was a doozy.  Most of this email will be about the second assault.

Early Tuesday evening, I saw a tweet by Patrick Svitek summarizing a Stan Gerdes press release criticizing a PAC that donated $10,000 to my campaign in the 2022 campaign and challenging me not to take any more money from them.

The Texas Tribune had dropped a Sunday evening October 8 story about an antisemite agent provocateur named Nick Fuentes having visited the office complex where the president of Defend Texas Liberty PAC (DTL), Jonathan Stickland, has his office.  A number of other conservative organizations office there, too.

Continuing the open warfare between Dan Patrick and Dade Phelan over the Paxton impeachment, Phelan jumped on the story Monday as the special session was starting and called out Patrick for taking money from Defend Texas Liberty PAC during the Paxton impeachment.  Patrick responded with his own flaming response the same day.

By Tuesday afternoon, Gerdes had issued a press release and placed it on his campaign Facebook page with the headline, “Conservative Stan Gerdes Statement on Tom Glass and Neo-Nazis.”  Here is the image of that release:

Stan also sent out an email to his supporters launching the assault.

Thanks to all of you who gave me the heads up on what Stan was doing.  Such updates are invaluable.  And thanks for the conversations and advice I got from you on how to handle.

I got an email from Patrick Svitek of the Texas Tribune around 2 pm this afternoon asking if I wanted to respond by his 4 pm deadline.  This is the reply I gave him:

Sunday morning, I, like other Americans, heard the dreadful news of the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel.  Our hearts break for those killed, wounded, harmed, or held hostage, and their families.

But the news I heard the next day was almost as terrible.  I heard that Nick Fuentes had to come to Texas to meet with someone – I don’t know who – to discuss something – I don’t know what.

I first heard about Nick Fuentes when he tried to set up President Trump at Mar-a-Lago last year.  Due to that event, I learned that Fuentes is a craven, despicable, and vile human being. I condemn him and his toxic, antisemitic ideas and anyone associated with him.

I also condemn attempts by Dade Phelan and Stan Gerdes to exploit this tragedy for political gain.  Their pathetic attempts are nothing less than an attempt to distract the voters’ attention from the baseless, failed Ken Paxton impeachment debacle.

My campaign will stay focused on what the GOP voters of HD 17 want which the House leadership and Gerdes failed to deliver – border security, election integrity, a path to eliminating property tax, stopping our groundwater from being drained, dealing with rapid growth, monetary freedom, and a pushback against globalist destruction of the Texas economy.

I welcome a comparison of the grassroots funding of my campaign and the establishment elitest funding of Gerdes’ campaign.

After I sent this in, I saw a tweet by Brad Johnson of The Texan who said that Dan Patrick has also released this about Tim Dunn, the largest contributor to DTL:

I spoke with Tim Dunn, a principal funder of Defend Texas Liberty PAC, and he has told me unequivocally that it was a serious blunder for PAC President Jonathan Stickland to meet with white supremist Nick Fuentes. He has further assured me that he is certain that Mr. Stickland and all PAC personnel will not have any future contact with Mr. Fuentes. He stated emphatically that everyone at the PAC understands that mistakes were made and are being corrected.

And there you have it.  They say that If you are catching flak, you are over the target.

The actions of Gerdes show that he has solidly linked his fate with the fate of Dade Phelan and the Austin swamp. Most of you, of course, are not surprised by this because you know the backers, money and endorsements that installed him in 2022 to do just that. The Paxton impeachment told us this, too.

Gerdes is a representative NOT of us to Austin, but of the Austin swamp to us.

And he has the substantial financial resources of the swamp to send lots of glossy mailers, have his attack-dog consultants devise and launch attacks, and to blanket the district with business-as-usual advertising to the low attention GOP primary voters claiming that he is a conservative on multiple issues.

Buckle up, grassroots!  It’s going to be a vicious bumpy ride!

Thomas Paine said in The American Crisis:

What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: — ’Tis dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.

For the grassroots to regain control of the Texas House from the swamp, we must all contribute a lot of effort and financial resources.

Because the financial resources we need to get the word out to counter the big-buck establishment money machine are limited, we are going to step up in numbers to do organized outreach to our neighbors.  I plan to fire up that volunteer leader organization soon.

If you want to help coordinate an activity or your neck of the woods on a volunteer basis in this campaign, please let me know.  I hope to be setting up an organizational meeting soon to get that effort launched.

And of course, if you have not done so, chip in a few bucks to tomglass.org/donate.

And BTW, if you can’t correctly diagnose the problem, you can’t solve it.  Gerdes’ business-as-usual formulation that Biden “failed” on the border is wrong for two reasons.  First, Biden hasn’t failed because he has never tried to secure the border.  Biden and his Deep State handlers started from the beginning to deliberately violate federal law and open the border, subsidizing the cartels in the human, sex, child, and drug trafficking business.

Second, the failure is that Texas leadership has not stepped up to have Texas secure the border – even if necessary, in opposition to the federal lawbreaking and interference with our operations.  Dade Phelan killed the best border bill this session by agreeing to a ridiculous point of order by open borders Democrat Rafael Anchia. A Dade Phelan follower is not going to get the job done at the border to protect Texans.

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October 6 Report and Appeal for Help

This is a report on my campaign for Texas House in District 17.  The 2024 primary vote on March 5, 2024 is shaping up to be a historic showdown between the grassroots and the establishment for control of the Texas House.  Now is the time for the grassroots to step up in larger numbers and efforts than ever before.

The Paxton Impeachment Transformed the '24 Texas GOP Primary

The Paxton impeachment has placed a spotlight on the deficiencies of the toxic Texas House culture and there is likely to be a record number of challengers to Republican House members in 2024.  That is a good thing for Texas, but it presents a challenge to my campaign.

The key to winning on March 5 is to work as a team with the grassroots to insure that the voters in HD 17 who focus more on the presidential race know my name and have a positive impression of my campaign for Texas House when show up at the polls.  That takes three things:

  • Grassroots in-district actively engaging their neighbors and friends about my candidacy
  • Gaining endorsements of well-known, higher-level officials and candidates that will catch the attention and persuade the voters to vote for me
  • Having the financial resources to advertise my name and endorsements to the voters who normally don’t research their Texas House candidate choices before voting

Because of the number of House challengers across Texas in 2024, more financial resources across the state are going to be needed than ever before.  This means that the grassroots who want a conservative Texas House are going to have to step up with both more financial donations and volunteer effort than ever before.

I am asking those with means around the state who support grassroots candidates for resources, but there is a very real competition for those limited resources.  By necessity, those much-appreciated liberty-loving Texans are having to make hard decisions about how to allocate their resources across the state.  And to a large extent they are going to make those decisions based on how much energy and effective action they see from each candidate and the support they see for that candidate from the grassroots both across the state and especially in-district.

That is why I am asking for you to do three things:

  • Donate something you can afford, no matter how small, today, to my campaign! Donate at tomglass.org/donate  If you prefer, mail a check payable to Tom Glass Campaign to P.O. Box 720, McDade, TX 78650, including with your donation this form filled out.  (Thanks to all of you who have already done so!)

  • Ask friends you know to do send a donation, too.

  • If you live in Bastrop, Lee, Caldwell, Burleson, or Milam Counties or close by, volunteer for my campaign. I need volunteers to coordinate volunteer block walkers, texters, sign placers, and phone bankers.  Reply to this email if you want to coordinate volunteers and/or volunteer.

Pilots talk about the power curve.  If you get ahead of the power curve, each action feeds on itself in a positive direction.  The opposite is also true.  In a very real sense, if I gain large numbers of small donations and show action on the ground in district, I am much more likely to get not only larger statewide financial contributions, I am more likely to gain the big endorsements I need to build positive name ID with the bulk of the GOP voters in my district who pay more attention to the presidential race than Texas House races.

Speaking in Rockdale Next Thursday, Oct 12

I will be speaking to the Milam County Constitutional Conservatives next Thursday, October 12 at the American Legion Hall north of Rockdale at:

2542 FM 487, Rockdale, Texas 76567

We gather at 5 pm to eat and I will start speaking around 6 pm or so.  Hope to see you there!

Grassroots America We the People Endorsement Endorsement

I was honored two weeks ago to receive the Grassroots America We the People Endorsement in my race.  This follows on that group’s honoring me earlier this year with one of two 2023 “Ross Kecseg” Fearless Conservative Awards.


Because others like Grassroots America We the People have said they think that my experience, approach of prioritizing issues, and respectfully engaging others on the issues can make an impact in Austin that many others cannot, I do not think it presumptuous to urge you to prioritize support for my campaign this election.

Please donate today to my campaign!  Please think about how you can talk to others about helping with my campaign.  Please think about how you can influence the GOP primary voters of HD 17 by organized volunteer effort during this campaign and reply to me that you want to help.

We have a state to save and a reformed Texas House is the way to save it.

Toward liberty,

Tom Glass


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I am Running!

I am making it official.  I am running again for the Texas House in District 17, which includes Bastrop, Milam, Caldwell, Burleson, and Lee Counties.

Last time, the race was a 5-way race for an open seat.  I have talked to the others who ran and fell short in 2022 and they tell me they do not plan to run again, so the GOP primary race on March 5, 2024 will probably be a 2-way race between the incumbent and me.


Why would I embark once again on a labor-intensive and costly effort to become the champion of the people of HD 17?  After all, I just finished my fifth full time session at the Texas legislature pushing for the bills that will protect Texans from the daggers pointed at our heart.  And I probably had more impact from the outside this last session than I have ever had before.

My answer is that I do not believe the current Texas House or the current incumbent in HD 17 understands the urgency of the multiple dangers that face Texas at this moment.  Everything Texas holds dear is under attack by globalists and Marxists along multiple fronts.  At its core, I understand the danger, am more motivated, and better prepared to join the fight than the current occupant of the office.

I understand that war has been declared on Texans and our values.  And I am ready to step up to defend us in that war.  In other words, I understand what time it is in Texas, and know how much we have to get done to save Texas.


Given that I had had my best batting average of bill passage this last session than ever before, I had almost decided not to run again as the session started winding down the week before Memorial Day.  But then, I heard shocking news.  What?  What?!?  They are going to try to impeach Attorney General Paxton, one of the most effective champions against the war on Texas that we have?  The very people engaging in the attacks on Texas are going after Paxton?

Then, my wife Kathie and I went to the Capitol and watched the sham that was the impeachment and watched the HD 17 incumbent look up at how the votes were going before casting his vote to impeach Ken Paxton.  Next, my phone started ringing from friends in the district.  To a person, they were furious at the impeachment and furious at the incumbent who voted with the Austin swamp for it, asking me to run.

My wife and I did legal research on the law and precedents relating to impeachment.  I filed a brief with the Senate, detailing the reasons why the impeachment was illegally done and a violation of the will of the voters and the provision of the Texas Constitution that says “all political power is inherent in the people.”

It is not lost on the conservative voters of Texas that the same forces are using lawfare against Paxton for the same reason they are doing so against Trump – both stand in the way of the Deep State running the lives of Texans.  No matter what the Senate does, I think the conservative voters who will vote in the Republican primary in HD 17 next March want a fighter against the swamp, not someone funded by it, beholden to it, and willing to go along with it.


If you are reading this, you are someone who likely pays attention to what goes on at the Texas Legislature.  The problem is that most voters who vote in the Republican primary do not do their homework on the candidates and their approach to the issues before they walk into the voting booth.

The GOP primary voters are conservative.  We know this based on how they vote on the issue resolutions placed on the GOP primary ballot in Texas.  But too many do not take the effort to find out which of their choices for state rep in the Republican primary will better champion their values.  They vote based on name ID.  And it takes money to build name ID.  Usually – as it was in HD 17 in 2022 -- the special interest money to candidates helps purchase that name ID with repetitive glossy mailers and other advertising.

The key to a grassroots victory over the establishment-controlled candidate in HD 17 is to figure out a way to cost-effectively get the attention of the voters who normally don’t pay attention to state rep races.  I have some ideas about how to do that this time.  One of them involves using the impeachment vote to differentiate between the incumbent and myself.

But to win, I must have the resources to deliver the message to the low-attention voters of my district.  The grassroots did a decent job of funding my campaign last time around.  I think we should get more small donations from more people this time around.  And even though we had an active volunteer effort last time, I think we will get even more this time, too.

You can help me fight for you by making a donation, today, no matter how small the amount.


Because Texas is under attack, we do indeed have Texas, America, our Constitutions, and liberty to save.  I look forward to embarking with you on the mission to save them.

Toward liberty,

Tom Glass

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Friend of the Senate Brief for Paxton

I wrote and filed on August 23, 2023 for Texas Constitutional Enforcement a friend of the Senate brief in the Paxton impeachment trial, today, by mailing it to Patsy Spaw, the Secretary of the Senate, who for the Paxton impeachment trial is also Clerk of the Court of Impeachment.

The Texas Supreme Court accepts friend of the court briefs (Such briefs are also called amicus curiae briefs because amicus curiae is Latin for friend of the court.  Since the Senate sits as a court during impeachments, I figure they should also accept amicus briefs.  I called my brief amicus senatus, Latin for friend of the Senate.

At this writing, we have not heard back as to whether the brief will be formally accepted and will become a formal record of the trial.

To read the brief in PDF form and with legal formatting, table of contents, list of authorities, etc., click here.

I knew that most of the Texas Senate are not attorneys, so I attempted to write the brief in understandable English, not only for them, but for the people of Texas.

Here the text of the heart of the brief:


One of the pillars of a republican form of government is found in the Texas Constitution, art. 1, § 2, reading in part:

All political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit.

The “prior-term doctrine” rests on this bedrock principle of the Texas Republic.  The doctrine is often referred to as the “forgiveness doctrine,” but is better described as the “voter-sovereignty doctrine.”  Because the doctrine implements a fundamental principle of our republic and our Bill of Rights, it should be applied to reject 19 of the 20 counts against Attorney General Paxton.

Nothing is more important in impeachment proceedings than following the rule of law.  Because the Texas House violated two procedural statutes in impeaching Ken Paxton, all of the impeachment articles are null and void and should be rejected by the Texas Senate.

No law is any good if not enforced, and the proper enforcer of the law violated in the impeachment of Ken Paxton is the Texas Senate, sitting as an impeachment court.

Specifically, the Texas House violated two statutes in their impeachment:

  • The Texas impeachment proceeding statute specifying the steps in impeachment. Gov’t Code §665.001.
  • The Texas statute requiring that all testimony in Texas House committees be sworn. Gov’t Code § 301.022.

The steps in an impeachment proceeding are to 1) file articles, 2) investigate, then 3) act.  The very word, “proceeding” implies a proper order to impeachment.  The Texas House violated that order by 1) investigating (in secret), 2) filing articles, then 3) acting.  This is not merely an aspirational goal.  Failure to follow the proper order of things is an injustice, just as a hanging first and then a trial would be.



The attorneys for Attorney General Paxton wrote a powerful brief in support of what they call the “prior-term doctrine,” calling for rejection of 19 of the 20 articles because the doctrine applies.

The purpose of this amicus is to point out that the prior-term doctrine is solidly based in Texas Constitution, art. 1, § 2, which says in part:

All political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit.

This principle is one of the two columns upon which the republic that is Texas is based.  In Texas, the voters are the boss.  The voters are sovereign.  That is why the doctrine should better be known as the “voter-sovereignty doctrine.”

The Paxton brief on the doctrine established the following about the doctrine:

1.  The doctrine is codified in original form in statute (Tex. Gov’t Code §665.081):

NO REMOVAL FOR ACTS COMMITTED BEFORE ELECTION TO OFFICE.  (a) An officer in this state may not be removed from office for an act the officer may have committed before the officer’s election to office.

2.  The Texas Supreme Court held regarding impeachment of a sheriff that the predecessor statute meant that the official “could not be removed from office during his second term for offenses committed during his first term.” Reeves v. State, 267 S.W. 666, 669 (Tex. 1924).

3.  The Supreme Court further opined that the statute did not apply to constitutional impeachments such as the one in question, but rather applied a modified version of the doctrine, i.e., “when such acts were a matter of public record or otherwise known to the electors and were sanctioned and approved or forgiven by them at the election.” In re Laughlin, 265 S.W.2d 805, 808 (Tex. 1954).

4.  The Supreme Court applied the doctrine twice again after that in constitutional judicial removal cases, once in In re Brown, 512 S.W.2d 317 (Tex. 1974) and again in In re Carillo, 542 S.W.2d 105 (Tex. 1976). While applying the doctrine to Judge Carillo, the Court recognized that the acts before his current term were not known to the public, and therefore acted to remove him.  In Brown, the Court said, “The rationale for the doctrine is the sound reason that the public, as the ultimate judge and jury in a democratic society, can choose to forgive the misconduct of an elected official.” Id. at 321 (emphasis added).

5.  As set forth in the Paxton brief, the Texas Senate, sitting as a Court of Impeachment has applied the doctrine three times, once to the impeachment of a statewide officer, a Land Commissioner.

The bottom line is that the voter-sovereignty/prior-term doctrine has been implemented multiple times by the Texas Senate and the Texas Supreme Court.  Their actions are anchored in one of the core principles of our republic and articulated in the Texas Bill of Rights.

We urge this Court to follow precedent, republican principles, and the Texas Bill of Rights by applying the voter-sovereignty/prior-term doctrine in this case.


The very first section of the Texas Government Code Chapter 665 called IMPEACHMENT AND REMOVAL, lays out the proper order for an impeachment proceeding:

Sec. 665.001.  IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDING.  In this subchapter, “impeachment proceeding” includes:

(1)  presenting an article of impeachment;

(2)  investigating a matter relating to a contemplated impeachment; and

(3)  acting on an article of impeachment.

            The very word, “proceeding” implies a proper order:  1) Present, 2) Investigate, 3) Act.

            The Texas House violated the statutory order of impeachment.  Its order was 1) Investigate (in secret), 2) Present, 3) Act.

Ready, aim, fire is very different from fire, ready, aim.  There are essential governmental reasons why a prior Texas Legislature wrote the statute to proceed in a certain order.  The order adds transparency.  The order provides due process.  The order insures that mistakes are not made.  And, the proper order results in a product worthy of consideration by the Texas Senate.

The Texas House violated the Texas statute on impeachment proceeding.  No law is any good without enforcement.  The proper enforcer of that statute on the Texas House is the Texas Senate.

The Texas Senate should find all articles of impeachment produced contrary to law and therefore null and void.


In the impeachment debate on the Texas House floor on Saturday, May 27, 2023, Representative Matthew Schaefer asked Representative Andrew Murr, Chairman of the General Investigating Committee, the following question:

Chairman Murr, do you know whether any witnesses that spoke to the investigators hired by the committee were placed under oath?

Chairman Murr replied:

No witnesses were placed under oath . . .  (emphasis added)

In the Texas Government Code Chapter 301. LEGISLATIVE ORGANIZATION., §301.022. TESTIOMONY UNDER OATH says:

   (a) All legislative committees shall require witnesses to give testimony under oath, subject to the penalties of perjury.

   (b) The oath required by this section may be waived by any committee except a general investigating committee. (emphasis added).

Those who try to remove the top law enforcement official in Texas from office after sovereign voters have put him in that office, should follow Texas law in doing so, basing its actions only on sworn testimony.

The Texas House violated a statute governing its own behavior, and the only body to enforce Texas law against this House lawbreaking is the Texas Senate.

All the articles of impeachment should be dismissed because they are null and void for lack of sworn testimony as required by Texas law.


For the foregoing reasons, this Texas Senate, sitting as a Court of Impeachment should dismiss all articles of impeachment against Ken Paxton.

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What I Saw at the Impeachment

My wife, Kathie Glass, and I drove to the Texas Capitol Saturday, May 27, 2023, and stood in a long line to sit in the House Gallery to witness the historic impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton.

I definitely have my own world view, values, and take on what happened, but given the importance of the event, I figured that an account and perspective of one Lee County resident who was there would be of interest to my Lee County neighbors.

The Texas Capitol was very crowded on this Saturday afternoon on Memorial Day weekend. Many Texans and other tourists were there just to see the Capitol. Families were there to celebrate quinceaneras and other family get togethers.

My estimate of who filled the gallery is about 25% in favor of impeachment and 75% against. To my knowledge, the impeachment was sprung so fast on Texans that there was no organized call for different camps to show up. Rather, the attendance was spontaneous on both sides. I saw many grassroots activists in the crowd that had visited the Capitol all session advocating for conservative issues.

I sat next to an older woman I had never met who spoke with an accent. She was there with her family who was opposed to the impeachment. She told me that she had grown up in a Communist country and knew what tyranny looked like, and that this impeachment looked like that to her.

National and state media reporters and camera crews were out in force. Kathie Glass was videotaped and snippets were shown on KXAN news, and she was quoted in multiple news sources. I was interviewed live on MSNBC and quoted by two different reporters in the New York Times and Dallas Morning News.

The impeachment layout, debate, and vote lasted a bit over 3 hours. After a long, boring, eye-glazing read of the articles of impeachment by a clerk, the five members of the House General Investigating Committee Chair laid out the case. In the first statement by the Committee, Republican member Charles Geren opened by saying that the reason the investigation happened was because Paxton asked for money from the legislature. (See comment below.)

Then the elder statesman and attorney from the Panhandle — courtly, reserved Rep John Smithee — rose to oppose impeachment. He calmly laid out his knowledge of the two other impeachments that resulted in removal in Texas history and how different the process was in those cases from the process being used against Paxton.

He pointed out that because impeachment was so important and rare, the Texas House had traditionally offered due process and the courtesy to be heard to the accused and that Texas Rules of Evidence were followed. He talked about how transparent and lengthy the previous impeachments had been and contrasted that with what he called “triple hearsay” that produced no evidence that could be used in any court of law in Texas. It was a devastating critique of the non-transparent, blitzkrieg, and due-process absent process being foisted on the people of Texas.

Despite previous admonitions from the Speaker and pages in the Gallery to the crowd against making any noise in the gallery, Smithee was given loud, sustained applause from the Gallery, causing Speaker Phelan to slam his gavel in attempt to stop it. No other statement of the day got such a response.

Then a succession of members rose to oppose the impeachment. Notably, elder Democrat statesman and Houston defense attorney, Harold Dutton rose to say that not long ago in our history, blacks had been routinely denied due process, and that his life as a defense attorney was dedicated to insuring that all Texans received due process. He said that his displeasure with the lack of such in this impeachment would lead him to “cast a white light” in his vote and urged his fellow members to do the same. He meant he was going to cast his vote as present, not voting (PNV). Since to prevail, a majority of the vote needed to be in favor, a PNV vote by a significant number of members would cause the impeachment to fail.

Other Republican representatives weighed in against impeachment, notably attorneys Michael Schofield of Katy and moderate Nacogdoches defense attorney Travis Clardy. Both attorneys embellished the discussion of how the current impeachment violates the history and traditions of the Texas House. Clardy warned the body that history would judge this House harshly for its “rush to judgment,” arguing that there is no evidence on the record because of lack of sworn testimony and cross examination. Representatives Richard Hayes, Tony Tinderholt, and Steve Toth weighed in against as well. Tinderholt said that Pelosi gave more due process to Trump in his impeachments than the Texas House was giving Paxton.

The leading advocates of impeachment appeared to get nervous. The proponents brought out Republican Jeff Leach of Paxton’s home Collin County and Edinburg Democrat Terry Canales. Both claimed that they had not planned to speak, but felt compelled to respond. Canales, the most skilled orator of the day, argued that since impeachment was somewhat like a grand jury, and that our grand jury practice has sunk to the improper practice of allowing grand juries to “indict a ham sandwich,” that the Texas House could, too. No need to do a lot of work in the House, he argued. Give the hard job to the Senate.

In the end, the vote on HR 2377 was 121 for impeachment, 23 against, and two Present, Not Voting. Stan Gerdes, the State Representative from HD 17 that includes Lee County, voted for impeachment. The issue will now go to the Senate for a trial. Because the Texas Constitution in Article 15, Section 5 requires it, Ken Paxton was immediately suspended from office, pending resolution of the matter in the Senate.

I have several observations and opinions on this matter. First, to add insult to injury in the rushed, non-transparent, sham, politically-weaponized impeachment process in the Texas House, the vote was on all 20 articles at once. Every impeachment I have ever seen in U.S. and Texas history used a process that had the body vote separately on each article.

Second, not a single representative raised this issue, but had I been a representative in that body, I would have made a point of order to squash the entire proceeding because it violates Texas law. In Texas chapter 665 of the Government Code governing Impeachment and Removal we find this: “Sec. 665.081. NO REMOVAL FOR ACTS COMMITTED BEFORE ELECTION TO OFFICE. (a) An officer in this state may not be removed from office for an act the officer may have committed before the officer’s election to office.”

All of the articles brought against Paxton were for acts alleged to have been committed before the November 2022 election. The Texas Supreme Court expanded on the meaning and applicability of the words of this statute in the case of In re Brown in 1974, saying, “The rationale for the doctrine is the sound reason that the public, as the ultimate judge and jury in a democratic society, can choose to forgive the misconduct of an elected official . . . The underlying basis for the principle is that the public can knowingly return one to office in spite of charges of misconduct. Public access to full information was the basis . . .”

I call this statute and doctrine the non-disenfranchisement doctrine. It is based on Article I, Sec. 2 of the Texas Bill of Rights, which says that “All political power is inherent in the people . . .” The opponents of Ken Paxton in both the Republican primary and general elections in 2022 spent millions raising the issues raised by the impeachment and were rejected by the voters. This act of impeachment violates Texas law and the spirit of the Texas Constitution which says the people are in charge.

As the Dallas Morning News quoted me, “This is disenfranchisement.”

Another outrage of the impeachment is the blatant misrepresentation, politicization, and weaponization of the Attorney General’s request to the legislature for an appropriation to settle a lawsuit against the Office of the Attorney General (OAG). Whenever a state agency is sued, it is usually sued in its official capacity, and if the defendant loses, the state legislature is asked to fund the judgment. Had the OAG spend hundreds of thousands or millions to defend the case and lose, the plaintiffs would have asked the legislature to fund the judgment. The OAG was ordered by the court to mediate a settlement, and the terms of the settlement were that the OAG ask the legislature to fund it.

The fact that the OAG engaged in the normal practices of government in this situation, only to have attorney and former county judge Andrew Murr make this the most important reason for the impeachment is outrageous proof of the political and personal nature of the impeachment.

Tom Glass lives in Lee County, Texas.  He spends lots of his time focused on persuading the Texas legislature to pass strategic liberty-oriented legislation. He leads Texas Constitutional Enforcement, was a 2022 Republican Candidate for Texas House District 17, and served on the 2022 RPT Platform Committee from SD 18.

A variant of this article can be found by its subscribers at the Lexington Leader.

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