October 6 Report and Appeal for Help

This is a report on my campaign for Texas House in District 17.  The 2024 primary vote on March 5, 2024 is shaping up to be a historic showdown between the grassroots and the establishment for control of the Texas House.  Now is the time for the grassroots to step up in larger numbers and efforts than ever before.

The Paxton Impeachment Transformed the '24 Texas GOP Primary

The Paxton impeachment has placed a spotlight on the deficiencies of the toxic Texas House culture and there is likely to be a record number of challengers to Republican House members in 2024.  That is a good thing for Texas, but it presents a challenge to my campaign.

The key to winning on March 5 is to work as a team with the grassroots to insure that the voters in HD 17 who focus more on the presidential race know my name and have a positive impression of my campaign for Texas House when show up at the polls.  That takes three things:

  • Grassroots in-district actively engaging their neighbors and friends about my candidacy
  • Gaining endorsements of well-known, higher-level officials and candidates that will catch the attention and persuade the voters to vote for me
  • Having the financial resources to advertise my name and endorsements to the voters who normally don’t research their Texas House candidate choices before voting

Because of the number of House challengers across Texas in 2024, more financial resources across the state are going to be needed than ever before.  This means that the grassroots who want a conservative Texas House are going to have to step up with both more financial donations and volunteer effort than ever before.

I am asking those with means around the state who support grassroots candidates for resources, but there is a very real competition for those limited resources.  By necessity, those much-appreciated liberty-loving Texans are having to make hard decisions about how to allocate their resources across the state.  And to a large extent they are going to make those decisions based on how much energy and effective action they see from each candidate and the support they see for that candidate from the grassroots both across the state and especially in-district.

That is why I am asking for you to do three things:

  • Donate something you can afford, no matter how small, today, to my campaign! Donate at tomglass.org/donate  If you prefer, mail a check payable to Tom Glass Campaign to P.O. Box 720, McDade, TX 78650, including with your donation this form filled out.  (Thanks to all of you who have already done so!)

  • Ask friends you know to do send a donation, too.

  • If you live in Bastrop, Lee, Caldwell, Burleson, or Milam Counties or close by, volunteer for my campaign. I need volunteers to coordinate volunteer block walkers, texters, sign placers, and phone bankers.  Reply to this email if you want to coordinate volunteers and/or volunteer.

Pilots talk about the power curve.  If you get ahead of the power curve, each action feeds on itself in a positive direction.  The opposite is also true.  In a very real sense, if I gain large numbers of small donations and show action on the ground in district, I am much more likely to get not only larger statewide financial contributions, I am more likely to gain the big endorsements I need to build positive name ID with the bulk of the GOP voters in my district who pay more attention to the presidential race than Texas House races.

Speaking in Rockdale Next Thursday, Oct 12

I will be speaking to the Milam County Constitutional Conservatives next Thursday, October 12 at the American Legion Hall north of Rockdale at:

2542 FM 487, Rockdale, Texas 76567

We gather at 5 pm to eat and I will start speaking around 6 pm or so.  Hope to see you there!

Grassroots America We the People Endorsement Endorsement

I was honored two weeks ago to receive the Grassroots America We the People Endorsement in my race.  This follows on that group’s honoring me earlier this year with one of two 2023 “Ross Kecseg” Fearless Conservative Awards.


Because others like Grassroots America We the People have said they think that my experience, approach of prioritizing issues, and respectfully engaging others on the issues can make an impact in Austin that many others cannot, I do not think it presumptuous to urge you to prioritize support for my campaign this election.

Please donate today to my campaign!  Please think about how you can talk to others about helping with my campaign.  Please think about how you can influence the GOP primary voters of HD 17 by organized volunteer effort during this campaign and reply to me that you want to help.

We have a state to save and a reformed Texas House is the way to save it.

Toward liberty,

Tom Glass