The defining event in Texas history was the fight for liberty at the Alamo.  I will do everything I can to insure that the memory of the Alamo as a heroic fight for liberty is transferred on to future Texans.

I oppose the George P. Bush plan to "re-imagine" the Alamo.  I do not think he has a reverence for the heroes and he cannot be trusted with the place and story that is in the soul of all liberty-loving Texans.

One proof of that is his desire to move the Cenotaph in front of the Alamo.  This monument is essentially the gravestone of those who died at the Alamo, and it is placed on the very spot where many died.  George P. Bush has been trying to move it, despite overwhelming opposition by those who testify at public hearings and the Alamo Descendants Defenders Association who view this as desecrating the graves of their ancestors.

If elected, I will use the power of my office to insure that we respectfully Remember the Alamo, not re-imagine it.  I will also be watchful to make sure that our Texas history curricula appropriately teaches that the Alamo was a fight of Tejano and Anglo liberty lovers together against a tyrannical, constitution shredding, dictator, Santa Anna.

I also reject the Marxist idea that everything the mistakes of some of the framers of Texas on slavery or the participation of a generation of Texans in the Confederacy invalidates everything they did.  I believe in celebrating the heroic fights for liberty that anyone makes, regardless of ethnicity, and I will not condemn an act of heroism because of inconsistent actions by a human being in the past.  We need to study our history, warts and all.  I believe that Texas and America should be properly viewed as one in which flawed human beings struggled in their time to advance the cause of liberty on the whole, separating from a flawed past as best they could.

I am adamantly opposed to the Marxist idea of tearing down monuments to those who have fought for liberty the best way they knew they could.  The goal of the Marxists who promote tearing down monuments is to subversively tear down all respect for the liberty idea, the Constitutions of Texas and the United States, and the rule of law, so that totalitarian government can be put in its place.