Civil asset forfeiture enables law enforcement to seize property after claiming that they suspect it connected to a crime, even when no criminal case has been filed.  You have to prove you are innocent to get your property back.  Many times the cost of an attorney to pursue the case costs more than the value of the property stolen by law enforcement.

This is highway robbery.  And it is unconstitutional.  It is un-American and un-Texan.  It needs to end immediately.

I testified in favor of a great bill to end civil asset forfeiture last session.  I had to do it in the House, because even though the bill was written and filed by Republican Konni Burton, the Chair of the Senate State Affairs Committee, Joan Huffman from Senate District 17 (in Southwest Harris, Fort Bend, and Brazoria Counties), refused to hear the bill.  (Joan Huffman is one of the most anti-liberty Senate Republicans.  Constitutional carry, term limits, election integrity reform, constitutional enforcement, and the elimination of civil asset forfeiture have all died due to her.  Her wonderful Libertarian opponent is Lauren LaCount.)

By the way, I was saddened to see the heads of a number of law enforcement agencies show up to testify to keep this outrageous highway robbery.  They claim that we should trust them, and that they would never take property from an innocent person.  This argument is laughable.  The law enforcement agencies get to keep the property they seize.  There is a built-in incentive for law enforcement to lie to gain more goodies with this practice.  We should not be setting up a system that tempts our law enforcement into corruption.  If we are to improve relations between law enforcement and the public, we must stop this alienating practice guaranteed to drive a wedge between the public and law enforcement.

We need more state senators that are willing to take on this travesty called civil asset forfeiture.  I will lead on this issue should I be elected.