Too many Texans are having to leave Texas to get the medicine they need in other states.  No more medical refugees leaving Texas!

Each individual owns their own body and has the natural right to ingest the substances they think best for themselves.

Marijuana prohibition has destroyed countless Texan lives.  It wastes tax resources via imprisonment and enforcement.  Prohibition funds the vicious drug cartels.  It leads to ever weakening respect for the rights against unreasonable search and seizure.

Marijuana prohibition drives a wedge between law enforcement and the citizens, making their jobs much harder and more dangerous.  Prohibition drives the demand for civil asset forfeiture, which also alienates citizens from law enforcement.  Prohibition diverts law enforcement resources away from real crimes, leaving us all more vulnerable.

We have reached the point where Texans want medical marijuana and the repeal of prohibition altogether.  It is way past time to act.